Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile 1If you have sealed your tile and grout after installation, you should only use professional tile and grout cleaners once every few years. Most homes today have at least a room or two with tile because of its many benefits. After installation, you will quickly find out if your tile and grout is unsealed, as any food or drink spilled onto the floor will soak into the tile and grout, potentially staining it permanently. Even when sealed, tile floors can start to show their age by the tile grout darkening and discoloring. Particularly because tile is frequently found in a moist environment, like a bathroom or a kitchen, grout can darken, and in some cases, grow mold or black mold. Tile floors can be easily restored to their former glory by a quick dose of tile and grout cleaning. Although a quick cleaning should be done with your regular kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning and general housecleaning to keep it looking as good as you can, a dose of professional tile cleaning and grout cleaning can erase the stains and discoloring you aren't able to clean with regular household cleaners. Our tile grout cleaning services include a variety of options, the most popular of which is steam cleaning to remove stains and color from deep within the grout. We can also protect the tile and grout from future harm by applying a new layer of sealant. Waxing and floor polishing are just icing on the cake, further convincing everyone who sees your tiled areas that itís brand new. We haven't met many people who enjoy cleaning tile floors, and even for those diligent enough to hurt their backs, knees and elbows. It is also important to note that regular household cleaners - including those specially formulated for tile and grout cleaning simply aren't strong enough to do as good a job as our industry professionals can.

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